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We have created a place where each patient is treated individually, and the treatment is carried out using the latest dental technologies.

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High-quality, private dental services

By creating the Promedica Dental Centre, we wanted you to find in one place comprehensive dental care for the whole family, including the much sought-after good dentist for children.

Our Dental Clinic offers state-of-the-art general dentistry, orthodontics, prosthetics, implantology and dental surgery using the latest dental equipment and techniques.

Healthy and beautiful teeth of children and adults are what is most important to us. We put our full energy, commitment and professionalism into this.

If you are looking for a dentist for hygienisation, fillings, implants, bridges and crowns or a place where you can have your teeth x-rayed, you are in the right place. It will be confirmed by opinions and smiles of our customers.

Joanna and Ryszard Markiewicz

Joanna i Ryszard Markiewicz

How we work?

We care about our Patients

We undertake the treatment of difficult cases that have not been undertaken by other dentists, and thanks to a wide team of specialists, we take an interdisciplinary approach to treatment.

Competitive prices and consistently high quality

The cost of treatment at the dental clinic in Bedzin, Poland will certainly be carried out at competitive prices, but invariably at the highest world standard.

Qualifications and tools

Dentistry is a very dynamically changing field, therefore we constantly improve our qualifications and look for innovative technological solutions. All this to make the treatment as effective and comfortable for the Patient as possible.

Explore our values

Advantages of our dental clinic


A smiling and patient team of true professionals in their fields.


In front of our building there is a car park for patients.


The most modern methods of pain reduction ensuring the patient a stress-free procedure.


We always inform patients about how the treatment will proceed. Difficult cases are discussed by several specialists.


The well-being of our patients always comes first for us.


We work with modern equipment and constantly develop our qualifications.

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Smile makeover

In our centre you will make a complete smile makeover. The proposed treatment may include the implementation of bridges, bridges on implants, veneers, teeth whitening, as well as orthodontic treatment.

A smile makeover can include:

  • hygiene and cleaning – Basic treatment to improve the appearance of teeth;
  • dental veneers – A complete change of appearance of teeth is at hand;
  • tooth replacement – Do you have cavities in your teeth? We will make bridges, implants or dentures for you;
  • teeth whitening – Safe and highly effective whitening in the dental clinic;
  • tooth repair – Filling cavities in teeth has never been easier. You have a number of methods to choose from;
  • teeth straightening – Straighten your teeth and enjoy your beautiful smile.

Root canal treatment

Root Canal Surgery involves the mechanical removal of the affected tooth pulp, followed by chemical cleaning of all root canals. Root canal treatment in Promedica is performed with the use of state-of-the-art dental equipment including a microscope as well as Propex and Nouwag endometers (precise measurement of root canal length). Prepared canals are filled tightly and precisely with the use of Obtura and System B systems by the endodontist.

Performing root canal treatment allows you to keep the tooth and saves on implants and bridges.

Leczenie kanałowe - krok po kroku

Tooth extractions | Oral surgery

Dental surgery is nothing else than minor surgical procedures carried out in the oral cavity – from removing a diseased tooth to cutting a too-short frenulum responsible for improper phonation. Often such surgery is only a stage of prosthetic (implant) or orthodontic treatment.

Often the dental surgery is required if there is wisdom teeth pain, which are recommended to be removed. Thanks to local anaesthetic you will not feel any pain. Patients who feel anxious and nervous we recommend Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or even anaesthesia.

Fillings | Tooth repair treatments

Reconstruction of a chipped or broken teeth is performed in Promedica in just one visit. We use nano-composite fillings (light-cured fillings) that faithfully reflect the natural appearance of the tooth (colour and transparency). They are durable, polishable and mechanically resistant. They do not rub off and do not flake off.

Their highest quality is also confirmed by the elimination of the problem of marginal seal leakage leading to secondary caries. It needs to be admitted that the aesthetics of nano-composite fillings is uncompromising – it guarantees full smoothness and shine, as well as full visibility on X-rays (possibility of early detection of damages to the filling).

A wide range of anaesthetics will allow the procedure to be carried out without additional pain.

Dental implants | Tooth replacement

We know that missing teeth can negatively affect the health and well-being of our patients. That is why at Promedica we offer the possibility to insert implants, which are one of the best ways to fill gaps in your teeth.

Modern implants make it possible to insert a new tooth within one visit. Often the implant placement takes place on the same day as extraction (removal of a permanent tooth affected by serious lesions). Implants are the best alternative to a permanent tooth, as well as a stable fixing for dentures. They are durable and very well accepted by the body, they give a feeling of full naturalness.

Teeth straightening | Orthodontic

A beautiful and white smile is everyone’s dream. To make this dream come true, you need a good orthodontist who will make sure that you leave the clinic with a beautiful smile. Promedica employs specialists who, thanks to their long-standing experience and broad knowledge, are able to carry out effective orthodontic treatment of children and adults.

If you want to:

  • correct teeth crowding
  • straighten your teeth
  • correct your bite
  • reduce the chance of damage to other teeth

opt for orthodontic treatment in our clinic today.

In our clinic you can get metal braces, ceramic braces or Invisalign – a clear aligner system, which is the most advanced systems to straighten your teeth.

Implanty z koroną porcelanową lub pełnoceramiczną

Dental bridges, implants and dentures

The consequences of not having a missing tooth are serious. Our bone tissue works in a similar way to muscles. If it is not used due to the lack of a tooth embedded in it, it starts to atrophy. What is more, our teeth seek contact with each other. When one of them is missing they start to move, reducing the space for an implant, negatively influencing the occlusion. Gaps in teeth can cause problems with eating and speaking, and the teeth surrounding the gap may grow into the space at an angle.

The most popular methods for missing teeth are:

  • dental bridges
  • dentures
  • dental implants

We will treat your teeth painlessly. Make an appointment and get full information about painless dental treatment.

Sedacja wziewna - Gaz rozweselający

Painless dental treatment

Patients who feel anxious about a dental visit, experience toothache or want the visit to be pain-free can choose from a number of ways to reduce pain during dental procedures.

We offer only safe, proven and effective forms of painless anaesthesia. Their composition and method of application are selected for each patient individually. The anaesthetics allow for painless dental treatment and are safe for pregnant women, children as well as patients suffering from cardiac problems.


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Dentist Będzin, Silesia, Poland

In our dental clinic we focus on the comprehensiveness of our offer. We operate in such a way so that our patients in one place can have their mouth X-rayed, teeth treated, their bite corrected by an orthodontist and can bring their children for a check-up visit.


Can You Reach Us?

Our dental centre is located in Bedzin, Silesia. Convenient location and private parking in front of the building are additional advantages.
If you would like to make an appointment or find out more about our offer, please send us a message and we will try to answer your questions in detail.

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